Tabletop Champions - Real Play D&D 5E (DND 5e)

Tabletop Champions - Real Play D&D 5E (DND 5e)

A real play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition podcast that doesn't take itself so seriously. Jump on to Season 4 with Episode 145

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    159 - Blue

    I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da be dee da ba daa, da be dee da ba daa, da be dee da be dea

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    158 - Did I Do That?

    Well...fair warning this episode will make you feel some things...primarily anxiety.

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    156 - SSSF

    This week the crew finally has a name.

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    154 - Good Javelin Toss2: Electric Boogaloo

    Trigger / Content Warning: This episode contains some scenes of interrogation and at least one scene of fairly graphic violence.

    Getting a little salty in this one...

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    152 - Zenith Ocho

    Sorry they've been so short lately! Longer episodes coming soon.

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